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Aerospace Media Awards organiser announces new event for military press


The organiser of the Aerospace Media Awards, Peter Bradfield, has announced that there is to be a new Awards ceremony for military journalists and publishers. The announcement was made at 2017 Aerospace Media Awards which took place at the Aero Club de France in Paris on 18th June, the eve of the Paris Air Show.


The Aerospace Media Awards started in 2012 and have grown to such an extent that in 2017 over 200 nominations were made for the different award categories.  As the name suggests the Aerospace Media Awards focus on aviation journalism and publishing which means that many defence journalists and publishers have either limited opportunity to enter. Similarly there are no categories for journalists who write about land systems, naval systems, cyber warfare and security.


Peter Bradfield comments “It is apparent to me that journalists and publishers in the defence sector have minimal opportunity to participate in the Aerospace Media Awards. It is important that they have the chance to receive the recognition they deserve. For this reason I have decided to create the Defence Media Awards which will take place at the National Press Club in Washington on 7th October 2018.  I believe that hard working journalists deserve this recognition and hope, by creating a series of awards for defence media, they will have the same opportunities as aviation journalists and publishers.”