The 2019 Defence Media Awards were presented at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on the 13th October.

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The 2021 Defence Media Awards will be presented at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. on Sunday 10th October 2021

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Defence Media Awards 2020 – Winners & Shortlisted Finalists




Best Young Defence Journalist

Vivienne Machi


Best Training, Simulation and Readiness Submission

Brian Everstine


Best Military Aviation Submission

Guy Norris


Best Breaking News Story

Mike Gruss & Aaron Mehta


Best Land Systems Submission

Jen Judson


Best Technology Submission

Richard Scott


Best Naval Systems Submission

Megan Eckstein


Best Un-manned Systems Submission

Richard Scott


Best Military Rotorcraft Submission

Christopher Freeze


Best Digital Defence Submission

Vago Muradian

Defense & Aerospace Report


The John Morrocco Award for Best In-Depth Defense Reporting

Judges Commendation  

Mark Pomerleau


The John Morrocco Award for Best In-Depth Defense Reporting


Jeremy Binnie


Outstanding Achievement Award

Alex Quade


Outstanding Achievement Award

Scott Gourley



The shortlisted Finalists for the 2020 Defence Media Awards were as follows;


Best Young Defence Journalist - sponsored by NAMMO

Chen Chuanren

Brian Everstine

Vivienne Machi

Mandy Mayfield

Garrett Reim



Best Training, Simulation and Readiness submission - sponsored by CAE

Megan Eckstein - Navy Continues Advanced Surface Training, Deemed Mission-Essential, During COVID Restrictions - USNI News

Brian Everstine - Combat Heavies – Air Force Magazine

Stew Magnuson – Marine Corps Training Shifts to Great Power Competition – National Defense

Trevor Nash - Baltic Balance - Military Training & Simulation News (Shephard Media)

Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory -"USAF Brings Pilot Training Next to Regular Training in Experimental Curriculum"



Best Defense Aviation Submission

Valerie Insinna & Aaron Mehta - The Pentagon’s supply chain faces an economy under siege – Defense News

Jon Harper – Owning the Skies – National Defense

Gareth Jennings - Brewing up a storm: Tempest ushers in new era for UK combat aviation – Jane’s International Defence Review

Guy Norris - Secret Service - Aviation Week Network

Steve Trimble - U.S. Air Force Reboots Counter-Air Strategy and Halves Spending - Aviation Week Network



Best Breaking News Story - available for sponsorship

Colin Clark - Gen. John Hyten on the new American Way of War – all domain operations – Breaking Defense

Megan Eckstein - USS Harry S. Truman Suffers Major Electrical Malfunction, Raising Questions About Upcoming Deployment - USNI News

Brian Everstine - Air Force Stops T38 Formation Landing Training following 2019 Fatal Crash - Air Force Magazine

Mike Gruss – Defense Leaders in Congress ask Trump to Stop Ligado Plan - C4ISRNET

Ashley Roque - Industry questions US Army’s Stryker up-gunning competition – Jane’s Defence Weekly



Best Land Systems submission - sponsored by Northrop Grumman

Gordon Arthur - Fertile Terrain – Shephard Media

Tim Guest – Ground Mobility – Crucial on Tomorrow’s Battlefield

Jon Hawkes - Flexible armour: The case for lighter tanks – Jane’s

Jen Judson - Lynx 41 disqualified from Bradley replacement competition – Defense News

Julian Nettlefold - Thundercats - Battlespace



Best Technology Submission - sponsored by L3Harris

Mark Cazalet & Sam Cranny-Evans - Bullet proof, nothing to lose: Russia addresses AFV armour and armour-defeat challenges – Jane’s

Aaron Mehta - Inside America’s newly revealed nuclear ballistic missile warhead of the future – Defense News

Richard Scott - Trust in the machine: innovation in AI drives navies to think afresh - Jane's Navy International

Steve Trimble - Air Defense Refined - Aviation Week Network

Dr Tom Withington - SITREP – The Suwalki Gap - Armada International



Best Naval Systems submission - sponsored by Northrop Grumman

Megan Eckstein - The State of LCS: Navy Pushing More Ships to Sea This Fall as Class Matures - USNI News

Jon Harper - Eagle Vs. Dragon: How the U.S. and Chinese Navies Stack Up -

National Defense Magazine

David Larter - Naval Warfare - Defense News

Richard Scott - Carrier Countdown - Jane's Defence Weekly

Dr Lee Willett – Sense, Send and Strike - Armada International



Best Un-manned systems submission

Sam Cranny-Evans - Eyes in the Sky – Jane’s International Defence Review

Tim Martin - Right to Strike - Air Warfare (Shephard Media)

Garrett Reim - SparrowHawk UAV prepares to emerge from incubation – FlightGlobal

Richard Scott - Autonomous ambition: NavyX plots a course to machine speed warfare - Jane's Navy International

Dr Lee Willett – Australian Navy puts Autonomous Warrior on Trial - Armada International



Best Military Rotorcraft submission - sponsored by Elbit Systems of America

Christopher Freeze - The Disaster of the Century -

Gareth Jennings - Rotary revolution: Helicopter technology on the cusp (Janes International Defence Review July 2019

Tim Martin – Heavyweight Defence (Air Warfare, Shephard Media

Dan Parsons - After the Storm - Vertical Magazine

Yasmin Tadjdeh - Army's Future Attack Recon Aircraft Gains Momentum" National Defense Magazine



Best Digital Defence submission (including video reports, podcasts and online news reports)

Lee Hudson - Inside the THAAD Interceptor Facility - Aviation Week Network

Vivienne Machi - Defense Daily's "The Business End" Podcast: "Space Force: Ready to Launch?"

Vago Muradian - Defense & Aerospace Report

Dan Parsons - What it’s like flying an X2 helicopter at nearly 300 mph - Rotor Radio for Vertical Magazine

Shephard Media’s Weekly Defence Podcast: COVID-19 impact accelerates, Swedish defence minister interview, and Brazil enhances Guarani



The John Morrocco Award for Best In-Depth Defense Reporting

- sponsored by Boeing

Jeremy Binnie – Divided Attention – Jane’s Defence Weekly

Megan Eckstein - BALTOPS 2019 coverage - USNI News

Jon Hawkes - Tricky procurements: The trials of buying land platforms – Jane’s Defence Weekly

Jon Harper - Pandemic: Coronavirus Rattles the Defense Industrial Base" - National Defense Magazine

Guy Norris & Steve Trimble - Pole Position - Aviation Week Network

Mark Pomerleau - Two years in, how has a new strategy changed cyber operations? -  Fifth Domain


The Outstanding Achievement Award - sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Alex Quade

Scott Gourley

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